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You know you’ll be a good grandparent—but will reality match the dreams you have of being an involved, valued part of your new grandbaby’s life?

New Grandparents 101

An exciting digital course for new and prospective grandparents and their families from More Than Grand LLC.



Why would I need a grandparenting course?


It seems intuitive. You’ve had role models of good (and bad!) grandparents around you your whole life. Why would you need a course on grandparenting? Surely being a good, even great, grandparent can be done without much thought!

Maybe, but taking the time to be an intentional grandparent will make the experience so much richer for both you and your grandchild. Like any role in life, grandparenting is improved by clarifying what it means to you and what you want to achieve as a grandparent.

Being a new grandparent also means starting a new kind of relationship with your grandchild’s parents, and that isn’t always easy to do. What if you had a blueprint to make sure that relationship started off on the right foot?


New Grandparents 101 will help you do that, and so much more.

You’ll find out about the latest trends in child care and safety, learn the secret formula to avoid messing up with parents, and get a list of resources to go to for any help you might need.

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"As young parents ourselves, and as professionals who support growing families, we absolutely love the idea of grandparents completing New Grandparents 101. It will go a long way to building close family relationships."

Candy & Tiffany
Founders, Like a Sister, LLC 

Does this sound like you?

  • You are excited about having a little one to cuddle and love, but you are worried you won’t be a good enough grandparent.
  • You look forward to watching this new little person learn and grow, but don’t know if you can keep up with the newest trends and information.
  • You eagerly await planning adventures and creating memories, but are concerned about messing up with your grandbaby’s parents.
  • You envision passing on family stories and traditions, but are worried time or distance will keep you from bonding with your new grandchild.


What if there were a way to partner with your grandbaby's parents that would ensure you become a valued part of your grandchild's life?

What if you could take a crash course in the latest baby care and safety so you could confidently be a caring partner as your grandbaby grows?

What if you could start off as a grandparent with a plan that could overcome the limitations of time and distance?

That’s exactly why we created New Grandparents 101. We want to help you become a Most Valuable Grandparent who will enjoy years of cuddling and memories.


New Grandparents 101 will help you:

  • clarify your expectations,
  • communicate clearly with parents,
  • and learn what you need to know to be a prepared grandparent

so that you can fully enjoy every minute with your grandchild.

Right now, you are full of the excitement of becoming a grandparent! But this new role comes with new hopes and fears. You hope that you’ll have the same close relationship with your grandchild that you had with your grandparents. You don’t know how to find out everything that’s changed since you had babies. You wonder if your daughter-in-law will want you to be there after—or when—the baby’s born. You worry how you will ever bond with a child that lives so far away.

Imagine if you could start out as a grandparent knowing exactly what to do to have the relationship you want with your grandchild.

Imagine if you could be known and loved, even at a distance.

Imagine if you were up-to-date on the latest guidance on care and safety for babies.

Imagine if you could find out everything the new parents wanted you to know so you could avoid potential missteps and common pitfalls.

New Grandparents 101 can make those possibilities become realities.

Grandma Sue says:

Thank you More Than Grand. You have provided priceless advice and lots of learning opportunities about how to thrive as a Grand. The genius guidance in New Grandparents 101 has opened up such an amazing dialogue with my daughter as we’ve shared ideas, concerns and product information, as well as her hopes and dreams for her daughter.  I am ready to be a supportive and loving MVG.

Hi, there!

I'm DeeDee. When I found out I was going to be a grandmother, I searched the internet for advice on establishing a strong relationship with my grandchildren and their parents. Though I found a few articles here and there, most of the grandparenting websites I found seemed to be focused on how much fun it is to be a grandparent. I wanted more than fun, and it turns out I wasn’t alone.

I created More Than Grand LLC with a focus on how important it is to be a grandparent. More Than Grand helps grandparents like you equip themselves with the knowledge and skills they need to be valuable, dearly loved partners in their grandchildren’s lives. With the help of parents, we’ve created New Grandparents 101 to make it easier for grandparents to start their new role with the information they need to realize a strong partnership and make joyful memories for years to come.

New Grandparents 101 Includes:



Other grandparenting courses offer only a fraction of these resources! Nowhere else will you find a self-paced course that offers the value of a relationship or life coach in addition to the practical advice you need to know.

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Who is Grandparents 101 for?

If you are an expectant grandparent, New Grandparents 101 is the perfect way to turn your excitement into a plan to realize all your hopes.

If you are a veteran grandparent, New Grandparents 101 can help you strengthen your relationship with your grandchild and their parents.  

If you are a new parent looking for a way to welcome grandparents to their new role, New Grandparents 101 is a thoughtful and valuable gift!

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You'll be able to jump right into becoming the best grandparent possible!

You can develop a warm and loving relationship with your grandchild filled with adventures and memory making.


You can start out as a grandparent without any fears about what parents want from you, or worries about latest guidance on care and safety for babies.


You can create a strong bond even from a distance.


You can be a Most Valuable Grandparent.


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